SMPK 6 PENABUR has been established for a long time. It has educated many generations. In 2011, the school building was renovated. Now, it is one of schools with luxurious building in North Jakarta. SMPK 6 PENABUR is located at Muara Karang Street, Blok z 3 S, North Jakarta. It is located in the complex of BPK PENABUR Jakarta Education Foundation in Muara Karang, North Jakarta. The school is located in the same place as SMAK 6 PENABUR Jakarta is. SMPK 6 PENABUR Jakarta is located in an area of 6,500 m2 consists of 4 (four) floor with a strategic location because it is located in a residential neighborhood and is easily accessible from various of transportation means; private vehicles or public transportation. The school has a good relationship with people living nearby it; therefore, the students, the teachers, and the staff feel comfortable. The conditions make SMPK 6 PENABUR Jakarta becomes one of the top schools in North Jakarta, with the accreditation A.