(Bahasa) Salaman Pagi

Handshake Tradition

Giving handshake to the students every morning has become a culture of SMPK 6 PENABUR. Every morning, teachers and students of Students Council (OSIS) greet and welcome students by giving them handshake. By doing that action, the students of the school feel respected.

The school makes schedule for teachers and OSIS students to greet and welcome students. The teachers and the students who have the duty should come to school earlier than others. They should be ready at 6-6.05 am. They stand near stairs on the 2nd floor to welcome the students.

This action is one of some ways to build character education that is now being promoted by the Government. Actually, before the Government launched the concept of character education, the school already has handshake program. It is in accordance with Christian Spirits, which also become the background of our school.

This tradition is also a symbol of respect between young and old. There is an honor from the teachers to the students and also respect from the students to the teachers.

When shaking hands tradition is preserved in Indonesia, people will start to respect others. Young people will respect older people. And people who are senior will not underestimate people who are young and have less experience. People will have willingness to listen to and learn from others.

Handshake tradition should be nurtured and preserved. Teachers should greet students when they arrive at school. This kind of appreciation may not appear in the curriculum. However, this is a part of our culture. It can be fostered via hidden curriculum. It is really a good tradition.

There are many advantages of doing the action. The teachers will have better relationship with the students. They will know the students better. They will recognize the students who are enthusiastic in starting the school, the students who look bored, the students who seem troubled and sad, and the students who are cheerful. There are things which may be unexpected to be found by the teachers. The findings can influence on how the teachers see students. The teachers will understand the students better. The result is the better teaching learning activities. The teachers may witness students who have delightful faces which seem saying “I can’t wait for the lessons today”.

Handshake tradition is a part of program that is called 5S (Senyum, Sapa, Salam, Sopan, Santun—Smile, Say Hi, Greet, Be Polite, Know how to behave properly) in their daily life at school. School should be a place where students feel accepted, respected, and also a place where students learn knowledge and learn how to live with others.

(Written by : Mahlan,S.Si and Andreas Aris A.,S.Pd)