(Bahasa) Konter Kejujuran

Honesty Corner


Our school has got an Honesty Corner. In that place, some stationaries, food, and drink are sold. There is no person working as seller. No one guards that place.

What the students should do if they want to buy things is by putting money as much as the prices of the items are in a provided box. The prices have been included in a list placed there. If they need change, they can take it by themselves. The students serve themselves. It is about honesty. The students learn about honesty there. It is about following their consciences and being honest.

Honesty can be something rare to find, especially in Indonesia. Therefore, this school is trying to foster the honesty by providing that Honesty Corner. It starts from small things, in a local area (school). We train the students to be honest about certain food they have eaten and amount of money they have to pay, and also the amount of change they have to take.

Our ideal is to make them become honest people. Therefore, when they grow up, they will be people who are honest; they will not do corruption—plague that the country has been trying to eliminate. In the end, we hope that they will be able to make our country better.

(Written by: Mahlan and Andreas Aris A.)