War of Words SMPK 6 PENABUR

Enlightening English Competitions “War of Words” was held by SMPK 6 PENABUR

SMPK 6 PENABUR held War of Words, which was an internal English competitions, on November 11, 2016. The competitions were joined by students of the school from Grade 7 to Grade 9. The competitions included Speech, Newscasting, Presentation, Story Telling, Poster, and Quiz.

The competitions were held to make students’ English proficiency better. Besides, War of Words was also held to celebrate The National Heroes Day, which occurs every November 10.

The students of SMPK 6 PENABUR were enthusiastic in joining each competitions. They prepared the competitions very well, especially students of Grade 7 and Grade 8. They crafted scripts, texts, and properties for the competitions. They took notes. They browsed the Internet. They did the rehearsals many times. They devoted their time for the competitions.

The students from the Students Council (OSIS) worked with English teachers of the school (Doni Priyanto, David Sadewa S., Andreas Aris A., Jemmy Oldy R.) to prepare the competitions. They worked so hard for preparing the competitions. The members of OSIS designed cute posters for every competition. They even made a meaningful catchy tagline for the event.

Non-English teachers of the school also took part of the event. They became judges for the competitions and they were excited.


War of Words ran well. Students and teachers enjoyed the event. Doni Priyanto, the chief of the event, said that he felt satisfied with the competitions. “The students prepared the competitions very well. They did their best in using English,” he explained.

In the end, the committees announced the winners of the competitions. The students were very glad when they knew they won. However, for them who didn’t win, they were still happy, because they knew that the point of doing the competitions was not merely to become winners, but to show their English competencies and to participate in the events.

(written by: Andreas Aris A)