Learn and Trip of SMPK 6 PENABUR

One of the greatest memories that all of us 7th graders have ever experienced was when we all went for the Trip and Learn study tour (7th October – 8th October). The chance to be able to learn new things while at the same, being able to spend time with our friends along the way is something that is without a doubt, a wonderful thing.

     The trip lasted for two days and one night. How cool is that?!!! When we all heard about it, we couldn’t stop jumping up and down with joy; knowing that we were going to spend time with our friends for that much amount of time. We still had school assignments to do though.

 And so on a cool 7th October morning, all of us gathered in front of our school to ride the bus. We were told to arrive there exactly at 6 am. You wouldn’t believe how early we all had to wake up. In fact, some of us still had dark visible circles beneath our eyes. Most of us in other words, were still really sleepy. By 6.30 am, all the buses rode off towards our destination; Bandung. We stopped by Bogor and Puncak though. Anyway, our first stop was Bogor; the president palace of Bogor to be exact. In this palace, we were to wear formal and polite clothes to show our respect and behavior. That’s why at the beginning of the trip, all of us had to wear batik clothes, school skirts or pants, and our school shoes and socks. The palace was a very beautiful place. Outside, we could see a wide opened field with antelopes eating grass here and there. It was a grand sight.

 Our tour guide led us through the halls and rooms of the palace. We saw the grand Garuda room; the place where the president and official council members usually hold an international meeting. We also went to the Lotus room, the grand dining room, and even the living room. We also walked through a hallway full with pictures on the walls. Some of them were pictures of unshaped figures which by the way, was very artificial. While exploring the palace, our tour guide also explained the history and rules of the palace, rooms, and pictures. We were to take notes of them for our assignment. Some of us also recorded our tour guide talking for the assignment, while others took pictures of the palace for our assignment.

            Finally after much of our palace exploration, we set off to our next stop; Kebun Cibodas (Cibodas Garden). Now, this is officially my favorite stop because Kebun Cibodas is like a small forest filled with plants and beautiful views. The air in Kebun Cibodas is also very relaxing and cool. Just like in Bogor palace, we were given a tour guide of the place. We were explained of its wide and history, even the types of plants it had. We also had plenty of fun there because during the middle of our exploration, it began to rain heavily. Some people might be all angry and upset at the bad weather, but we weren’t.

On the contrary we were extremely happy at the relaxing weather. We played in the rain and some of us had a little water fight. Of course we also had to take shelter to avoid getting sick. After the rain stopped, we continued our exploring. Finally our exploring ended and we drove to our next stop; THE HOTEL!!!! (Well after we had dinner together at an Indonesian restaurant. It was delicious).

At the hotel, we received our room numbers and after unpacking our stuff, we explored the hotel and hung out with friends. Some of us went to the dining room to have some food, snacks, and drinks to enjoy. Some of us played in each others’ rooms chatting the night away, while others explored the hotel. Our curfew was 10 pm so we had to plenty of time to do fun activities with friends, since we arrived at the hotel at 8. But the moment the clock struck 10, we also rushed into our rooms and had a good night’s sleep.

The next day, we set off to our third stop; Jendela Alam (Nature Window). This place is filled with plants and animals. It’s like some sort of biological resort. It’s a place where we get to learn great things about animals and plants. We were separated into groups and went off exploring the place. We witnessed an experiment in dissecting rabbits (that part was really gross, no offence), how plants grew, and the process of a chickens egg hatch. After witnessing this much knowledge, we ended our journey and started off towards our last and final stop; Rumah Mode (Mode House).

   Rumah Mode (Mode House) is a place where we all could go shopping and buy food at a local café. Some of my friends and I decided to shop for our friends’ birthday and eventually we got a great gift. We also stopped by at the café to have some milkshakes and coffee. Finally after having that much fun, we went back to the bus and set off towards Jakarta (home sweet home). We arrived back at school around 7 pm because of the major and terrible traffic condition. After getting our bags and making sure we didn’t leave anything behind, we climbed in each of our cars and went back to our lovely homes. Of course with the feeling and hope that someday we’d be able to do something like this again.

Best Regards

Students of SMPK 6 PENABUR